PREE® and PEDESTAL DESIGNS® PRO banquet systems are used in leading hotels, clubs and food service units and proudly manufactured in the USA. These are essential, versatile and elegant buffet systems. A must-have for banquet operations and the right tool to stimulate the team's creativity. With Pedestal Designs® systems your culinary displays will always stand out and your guest will have a food display experience to remember. Be different and create a new look for your buffets!

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“Your display systems are still going strong here at the CIA … they seem to be timeless in design so that they look just as current today as they did when we first began to use them. It is great to see your new offerings.”
— Bill Briwa, CEC, CHE - Chef Instructor: The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone —

Bamboo Products

Bamboo is a material with natural color variations presented in the blocks, rods, and platforms.

The Bamboo Maxi cart.

PREE Bamboo - MAXI

Discover countless display configurations with the Bamboo Maxi. Built to last, this all-in-one mobile solution makes transport, setup, takedown and storage easy for banquets, coffee breaks, food service units, cook-to-order stations and much more.

Dimensions 47.5” H x 23.5” W x 20” L
Material solid bamboo
Components blocks, rods and platforms

To prepare an accurate BAMBOO MAXI CART freight estimate for your quote, please call or email us the ‘Ship To Address’.

The PREE Bamboo Set.

PREE Bamboo - Set

Free your creativity with the Bamboo Set. It comes with everything you need to create a special, multi-level food presentation for small to medium-sized events.

Notes Packaged in two customized, reusable bags
Material solid bamboo
Components Includes 29 blocks and rods
Additional PREE Bamboo Platforms.

PREE Bamboo - Platforms

Enhance the look of your buffet quickly and easily by adding Bamboo platforms to accentuate everything from hors d’oeuvres to grand centerpieces and tiered wedding cakes.

Dimensions (Large) 11.5" diameter
Dimensions (Small) 5.5" diameter
Material solid bamboo
Notes Sold in sets of 7 or 10 with storage fixture
The new PREE Bamboo MiniSet

PREE Bamboo - MiniSet

Perfect for everyday use, this new set is a great solution for corners, appetizer stations and quick office lunches or as a bold centerpiece.

Material solid bamboo
Components Includes 18 components

Black Products

The new PRO Black System

Pedestal Designs PRO

This new system and shape adjusts to fit counters, tables, and any buffet to elegantly display food. The set is packaged in a box and includes a total of (11) elements. Adjustable by a simple rotation and fully linearly expendable to 90”.

Notes Packaged in a custom box
Material solid, resin-impregnated fiber
Components solid ellipticals and tubes
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